Benefits That Air Freight Proffers

As business owners, it is important that you look for ways that turn your business more efficient. Now, there are a number of ways to go about it. Embracing the air freight shipping option is perhaps the most important one and does wonders for your business. Air transportation is the 20th century’s gift to the world and involves mobility of material and men by air. The two world wars were the driving force behind the development of aircrafts.

Air freight shipping has become quite popular around the globe and that too for good reasons. Unlike the other modes of transportation, air freight doesn’t involve drawbacks as such, except for the fact that it is costly. Without further ado, we would now provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of its advantages that would help you make an informed decision:

1. Can be taken anywhere: Air freight can be directed to almost any destination on this planet and that makes it a pretty flexible option. Most of the cargo transport airlines have a vast network of destinations and cover the entire globe. Whether it is just across the country or across a few continents, air freight has got it all covered.

2. The fastest shipping method: What makes air freight supreme is the sheer speed that comes with it. This comes in handy when the goods have to be shipped on urgent basis or are perishable and cannot be left in transit for days.

3. Reliable: Air shipments can be relied upon if you have goods to be shipped within a set time frame. Since airlines run on a very tight schedule, their departures and arrivals do not generally fluctuate. Even missing the flight doesn’t cost much delay because cargo flights generally are scheduled to depart every hour. There’s also a reduced risk of loss as most of the airports enforce strict safety regulations.

4. Low shipping insurance: This shipping process is comparatively shorter as compared to ocean or land transportation. A shorter duration of transit implies low insurance premium costs. What further helps in keeping the premium costs low is the fact that packages shipped by air are much less likely to get lost or damaged.

5. No need for local warehousing: Since the transit is quick, you do not have to rely on local warehousing and there’s a reduced need to maintain your stock. Custom clearances these days are much faster than port checks and the air cargo handlers are efficient and competent saving you a lot of man-hours and resources. Simply put, your shipment would be cleared within hours.

Mostly, shipping through the air requires simple packaging as compared to consignments that are shipped through land or by sea. Not only are you saving on insurance premiums but also on packaging costs. Further, you get to track your shipments using simple web applications and thus monitoring the cargo becomes easy. Shipping via air freight is one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make and is a perfect solution to transport low-volume and high-value shipments.

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