Top Notch Logistics Pvt Ltd- China Import Agents In Delhi

Top Notch Logistics Pvt Ltd- China Import Agents In Delhi

Although China is the world’s factory, knowing what to buy, controlling quality and price are complicated tasks. TNL cargo allows you to focus on them while leaving in the hands of real experts the complexities of procurement logistics when importing from China.


Our Chinese office controls everything related to their shipments when importing from China, feeding our computer system from the outset, negotiating the best shipping and space conditions, advising on the particularities of each cargo point and coordinating with the Chinese exporters.

We operate direct consolidated groupage (LCL) services from major ports: Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong as well as indirect from Tianjin, Dalian, Yantian, Shunde and many others.

When your cargo is urgent, TNL cargo offers you an excellent air cargo service thanks to your preferential agreements with the leading airlines. Our area load teams share the passion for the critical, aware that you need it “for tomorrow.”

Why do we import from China?

China for more than a decade has become the engine of the world economy. It has labored at competitive prices and technology. It is a first country in the production of many of the articles that are bought and consumed in the whole world, and for that reason, the imports of China are a principal axis of the global commerce.

Buying China import exports can be very beneficial, but you have to know fundamental questions about how to import from China, so you do not have logistical problems, transportation, technicians or with suppliers.

What are the main transportation routes to import from China- how to import from China?

Air transport accounts for 5% of the total volume of Chinese exports. This is mainly because of its high cost and the main reason for choosing this route is speed. The delivery time usually does not exceed one week, so your products can reach the market one month earlier than if you opt for a ship. It is an efficient means regarding times, but not regarding costs.

Some types of cargo are restricted and cannot be sent by air freight from China and must be sent by sea. For example, this can happen when the load is longer than the aircraft doors or with the shipment of chemicals. When you are in doubt, it is best to consult with an advisor to send your articles.

If you import technological products or high added value and small volumes, such as jewelry, watches, or electronics, you can compensate by air transport. On the other hand, those products of lower added value or that occupy much space like textiles or furniture, surely will be imported by sea. This is so because the prices in air transport are based on the volume and weight of the cargo (they can be quoted in kg or volumetric weight) while in maritime transport they are based mainly on the weight.

Generic documentation and information for importing from China

  • Bill of Landing (BL): is the document certifying the shipment of goods that indicates all the specifications of the delivery provided by the exporter or importer.
  • Packing List (PL): listing in which the merchandise is specified (the description of the merchandise).
  • Commercial invoice: must include the data of the exporter, the fiscal data of the importer and the Incoterm apart from the market value.
  • Authorization Clearance: must be correctly completed, signed and stamped.
  • A copy of ID or NIE.
  • A copy of passport.
  • Documentation of the vehicle (technical data sheet) in the case of transporting one.
  • Correct classification of the tariff heading of the merchandise.

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