What Makes TNL Cargo The Right Logistics Partner?

What Makes TNL Cargo The Right Logistics Partner?

It’s fairly easy to start a freight forwarding company; with this surprising ease to call oneself a freight forwarder, there’s a lofty surge in the number of logistic providers in the world and any Tom, Dick or Harry can move about claiming to be a freight forwarder. Now, we’re fairly sure you don’t want any of them handling your shipments.

Choosing the right shipping agent can be a daunting task, especially for beginners who’ve just landed into the import/export business. Even if you’ve been in the business for quite a while, it sometimes becomes difficult changing your current logistic provider. For anyone who’s been through the ordeal of international shipping knows how pivotal a role a freight forwarder plays in getting their shipments wherever they’re headed to, intact and on time. Just like a good supplier, which is difficult to find but once partnered with, helps your business succeed, a right freight forwarder is your trusted partner for your logistics needs and work just as hard to ensure that your goods gets where they need to.

In a fast-paced, globalized world which relies a little too much on optimized supply chains, efficiency, consistency and cost effectiveness, any company involved in the supply chain or import and export business needs to make an informed choice on which freight forwarder they’ll be choosing for their logistic needs. In a modern setting where everyone around is trying to rush against time and wants to grab as much information as possible, a laidback, lousy forwarder is the last thing you’d want to deal with. A freight forwarder needs to be on top of every shipment, with updated information and status.

To make it slightly easier for you to assess different forwarders, we’d give you a glimpse into our world at Top Notch Logistics and how we differ from other forwarders. Mentioned below are some key points telling the tales of our expertise and efficiency in the field.

  1. We have the experience you need. We deliver what we promise and have the ability to tackle unforeseen difficulties like strikes, port shutdowns, trouble with customs, rerouting, etc.
  2. We have experience shipping different types of cargo (garments, perishables, etc.) in and out of developing countries.
  3. We understand how each firm has internal requirements unique to their business and act accordingly.
    We provide consolidation and warehousing services.
  4. Additional services such as insurance, site services, general cargo, relocations, etc. are also offered.

As trusted logistic partners, we, at Top Notch Logistics work efficiently with excellent information flow. We know how your firm’s success is tightly linked to our quality of work and hence we leave no stone unturned and try our best to fulfill each order.

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